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Our son Conner was 2-years-old when we first noticed he had sensory issues. He wasn’t able to handle different textures, loud sounds, and even movement from swings or rides. He also struggled when it came to his fine motor skills. After attempting to manage these obstacles on our own, we finally decided to seek outside help. Through the recommendation of his preschool teacher, our son began seeing Tina Strautman in February of 2015. She instantly earned his trust with her calm demeanor and by using strategies to make his hard work seem fun. Within the first year, we saw our son begin to handle his sensory issues. It was amazing!

As Conner got older, his main struggle became with his fine motor skills. He got very frustrated anytime he had to cut, color, or write. Tina figured out ways to work with him and lower his frustration level, while helping him slowly build up his confidence. During the summers, Conner also began to attend Tina’s Handwriting Without Tears sessions. The program really helped support and grow what he had worked on throughout the year.

Conner graduated from Occupational Therapy in May 2017 at 5-years-old. Tears were shed when we had to say goodbye since Tina became a very important part of our lives. She helped make our son who he is today, which is a confident, outgoing, kindergartener who loves to get dirty, attend loud sporting events, and write stories in class. Tina knows her craft and she knows the capabilities of a struggling child. She will forever be part of Conner’s journey of success and our family’s blessing!


When he was in preschool, Tina helped Carter improve his sensory processing and body awareness, as well as his fine motor, self-help and handwriting skills. Her patience and loving nature made him look forward to working with her. Carter is now an honor student and excels in athletics, especially track (shot put and discus), basketball and football. I can't thank Tina enough for all of the skills she helped Carter with in his early developmental stages.

A Mother's View

When our son was very young, we noticed a significant delay in his fine motor skills. He was behind his peers with pencil grasp, handwriting, and scissor use among other fine motor tasks. When we found Tina, our prayers were answered! She worked with our son and helped him close the gap until he caught up to his peers. For several summers, both our son & daughter attended Tina’s “Handwriting Camp” which helped both of them with their penmanship. Today, our children are 16 and 13 and there is no evidence of the struggles they once faced...thanks in large part to Tina!

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