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Handwriting challenges are often related to inefficient sensory processing, difficulties with gross motor skills (such as postural strength and stability, balance, endurance), visual tracking or perceptual challenges and/or inattention, low frustration tolerance or lack of motivation. Based on parent concerns through a brief intake, a comprehensive OT evaluation may be recommended. However, if based on the concerns the child’s difficulty is primarily with handwriting, a handwriting intensive would be appropriate. Continued monitoring and further recommendations will be made during the intensives.Pediatric Occupational Therapists help children reach their highest potential in their daily occupations in school, home and play.  A child's occupations include:

  • Holding a book

  • Grasping a writing utensil

  • Visual-perceptual skills

  • Visual-motor skills

  • Stringing beads

  • Copying from boards

  • Completing mazes and puzzles

  • Brushing hair/teeth

  • Tying Shoes 

  • Getting Dressed

  • Eye-hand coordination

Handwriting Therapy Services

Children are expected to be able to write when they enter kindergarten, although often they aren't developmentally ready. Teachers don't have to the time to teach handwriting so many children struggle with formations and develop poor grasping patterns.  These patterns can lead to frustration, poor legibility and even pain when holding writing utensils.


Although technology continues to grow, handwriting continues to be a large part of a child's school day. They continue to be asked to keep written journals, complete writing assignments, and participate in art projects that involve writing descriptions. They use handwriting to write letters to their friends, parents, and teachers. Children also need legible handwriting in order to take tests and state exams.

HTS specializes in helping children to improve their ability to have legible handwriting for the school and home environment. We utilize a neurokinesthetic, sensory and motor approach to help children reach their highest potential and increase their self esteem.



Small group intensives improve legibility, grasp and fine motor control through a variety of manipulatives and sensorimotor experiences. Activities will be incorporated to enhance essential foundational sensory processing and gross motor skills needed to perform fine motor tasks efficiently. Several handwriting methods are utilized to enable a child to achieve optimal potential. Skilled monitoring by a registered and licensed occupational therapist if further evaluations or therapies are recommended. 




Small Groups/Individual Handwriting Intensives


An evaluation consists of standardized assessments(s), clinical observations and  case history.  The evaluation includes a written report, treatment plan, and 3o minute meeting to discuss the evaluation results. The evaluation varies from 1.5 to 2 hours.

Reevaluations with a written report can be administered annually or as needed.



Individual OT Sessions

Each individual session is designed to address the targeted areas and treatment plan formulated in the evaluation for your child. A child may benefit from one on one therapy sessions if they experience attention, behavioral challenges or there are several areas of focus resulting from the evaluation.

One-on-one OT sessions are play-based to keep the child interested and include a variety of therapy techniques to address the areas identified on the treatment plan from the initial evaluation. Frequency and duration of individual sessions vary but are typically 1-2x per week for 45-60 minute sessions.




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