Cramping of fingers while writing short entries

Inconsistent pencil pressure (too light/too dark)

Excessive erasures

Mixed upper case and lower case letters

Poor letter formations

Misuse of lines and margins

Inefficient speed of copying

Inattentiveness over details

Frequent need of verbal cues

Frustration or avoidance

Poor legibility

Handwriting struggles that may interfere with spelling and written composition

Weak hand strength

Incorrect grasp of writing utensils

Does your child experience any of the following when writing?

Why use Handwriting Therapy Services?

HTS is an outpatient pediatric occupational therapy clinic that was created due to an increase in handwriting and fine motor referrals.  As the curriculum in schools has changed, the daily teaching of letter formations and proper use of writing tools OT services that focus on building a  s has decreased. Every session is created with your child in mind- working on specific activities to increase success and independence.



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